How to decorate a canopy tent for a wedding?

It is necessary for the new couples who wanna hold an outdoor wedding, which will enhance the whole atmosphere of the wedding to be warmer and more harmonious. How to decorate your own unique wedding tent? Liri Structure will help you create your own special wedding.

Confirm the type of tent

The first thing we need to confirm is the wedding tent type and the size of the tent before we decorate a wedding tent. The selection of the wedding tent type is very critical. According to the site to choose the appropriate and suitable wedding tent which will not be abrupt so that we could make good use of the interior space of the tent for decoration.

A frame tent and geodesic dome tent are the commonly wedding tent people would choose, in which A shape wedding tent is a relatively high cost-effective.

frame wedding tent

Different theme wedding with different wedding shades. Liri Structure could provide you with different types of wedding tent based on your wedding style and individual needs, such us glass wedding tent, European wedding tent, white wedding marquee tent, and Romantic wedding tent so as to create an unforgettable outdoor wedding party for you.

Choosing the tent cover color

Secondly, choosing the tent cover color. The common use is a white and transparent one, while the transparent tent is the most popular one for the wedding.

In addition to tables and chairs, we can decorate the interior with different colors such as lining and curtains, luxury chandeliers and so on. Normally, the wedding banquet is held in the evening. Under the background of the transparent tarpaulin, the lighting system could create a more romantic atmosphere at night. Also, we can use colorful lights or neon lights, or we can put exquisite candles on the table to add a warmer atmosphere.

Flooring system

The other one is the flooring system. By using the cassette wooden floor and VIP wooden floor can solve the problem well of uneven ground, which makes tables and chairs unable to be placed in a flat position and difficult to walk with high heels.

Customers satisfaction is our pursuit, your happiness is our only wish.