Compared with traditional buildings, Clear span tent is not only more cost favorable but also can be assembled directly on the spot for its modular design. And the advantage is easy to build with low requirements on the ground environment. The installation and fixing of clear-span tents are generally divided into two situations: destructible ground and indestructible ground. Liri Structure provides a variety of fixing methods to meet the needs of tent construction in different environments.

How to hold down a clear span tent (2)

When building the clear span tent, in order to be faster and safer, the ground needs to be cleaned up in advance. If there is a soft ground environment such as sandy ground or muddy ground, we use a professional steel platform and lay outdoor anti-corrosion wood to level the ground. Not only can it provide a more efficient construction platform, but it is also more beautiful and generous. In addition, For soft ground, we can still use the 0.8M-1M steel anchor to penetrate deeply into the ground to stabilize the tent.

But if the tent is built on concrete ground, we usually use expandable bolts to fix it. Although the ground will be partially damaged, the clear span tent is more stable and safe and can be used for a long time; If it is used as a temporary activity, we recommend using weight plates, which is very flexible and does not damage the ground environment. For the semi-permanent clear span tent, we will use concrete pre-embedment. Compared with other fixing methods, although it will damage the ground environment, its relative stability and wind resistance are better.

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Above all the installation plan of clear span tent in different ground environments. As a modular building, it has the advantages of quick installation, reusable, and strong adaptability to the ground environment, whether it is used as industrial storage, commercial activities, or temporary buildings are the best choices.