How to set up electrical for a tent wedding?

Electricity is almost a necessity for a wedding tent. Lightings, air conditioning, and stage performances and so on are all dependent on electricity. Wedding tents are different from traditional wedding venues. Electricity needs to be considered in advance. If your wedding is during the day and you are not sure if you need electricity, you can consult with our professional advice before purchasing a wedding tent. Here are some suggestions on how to run electricity to a wedding tent.

First, you need to write down the power equipment needed for the wedding and the power of each device. Special attention should be paid to the careful calculation of high-power equipment such as air conditioners, audio, and catering equipment. You can ask the advice of these equipment vendors because they know how much power in need.

Additional power supply

After confirming your electrical equipment, you can ask if there is any additional power supply at the wedding venue and how many dedicated circuits can be provided. In general, using an extended power supply is more convenient and reliable. However, it is important not to overload and not to use extension cords that are too long (more than 30 meters). Make sure to be waterproof when connecting the cable. Add a cable through to protect the bare cable and prevent the passing person from tripping.

Electric generator

If your wedding tent is built in an outdoor environment away from the power source, you need to consider using a generator. You can choose the right generator for the total power you need. Generators are usually supplied with fuel when purchased or leased, but the actual fuel needed for a wedding is uncertain. Make sure that there is spare fuel available. You also need to consider the noise problem, it may affect the entire wedding if the noise is too big.

As a professional wedding tent supplier, we have a wealth of experience in supplying wedding tents. In addition, we also provide generators for professional outdoor wedding activities. Any questions please consult with our technical team.