There are two types of swimming pools: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor swimming pool has fresh air and sunshine. You can enjoy the sunshine while swimming. But it also has disadvantages. There is no shade for the outdoor swimming pool, and it is easy to get sunburn and heatstroke in summer.

Pool Shade Ideas

Our custom swimming pool cover provides a good solution. Not only can it withstand the sunlight and no longer have to worry about sunburning, but it also protects against dust and wind to get clean water. You can set up shading areas to the existing swimming pool, or you can transform the swimming pool into a professional indoor swimming pool to meet different requirements.

Cover Your Swimming Pool

Liri swimming pool tents use aluminum alloy structures, which has good anti-corrosion property and stability, even if it is underwater all year round, it will not cause any impact. On the other hand, the top can be designed in different shapes, such as A-shaped, flat top, curved top, and so on. Our product is modular designs, the length can be extended indefinitely, and the maximum width can reach 60 meters. We can build it directly on the existing swimming pool without complicated renovation projects and easily complete the construction.

Custom Pool Shade Structures

If you are planning to make a professional indoor swimming pool, then we can provide a variety of accessories to choose like: glass doors, hard walls, lights, floors, etc. To create such a full-featured indoor swimming venue, it will not be affected by the weather and temperature and can be used all year round. This new design has lower costs and shorter construction periods than traditional indoor swimming pools. In addition, the installation of our swimming pool cover is also very fast. You can disassemble and restore the swimming pool and relocate it to other places for repeated use, which saves time and budget.

Pool Canopy and Pool Shade Ideas