Design is the core of a product. If companies do not have the ability to do self-designed, they will be lack of competitive products and it means the loss of the initiative so be forever behind others.As Liri structure is industry-leading design level, it is developing rapidly.At home and abroad with the diverse needs of buyers of all ages.
More and more attention in today’s intellectual property rights, product patents on the design reflects the company’s ability and skill level. Liri Structure has a number ofProduct patents, and many have become an industry benchmark. Liri Structure latest design includes inflatalbe roof tent, double decker, double high peak tent, 60 meters width polygon clearspan tent and so on.

Because of outstanding tent design and innovative spirit level, Liri Structure products won several design awards, including: “Outdoor ActivitiesDouble decker “was named GMC” 2013 Product Innovation of the Year “,” Removable temporary buildings – Outdoor decagonal tent “won The “2013 China Manufacturing of America” Award of Excellence and so on.