Liri Structure, as leading brand with great influence and high-end brand image in the tent industry, has been focusing on the development and innovation of tent system, and concerning required products and solutions to our customers. Based on ours numbers of core intellectual properties, as well as independent research &development and continual increasing on investment R&D and other reasons, Liri Structure becomes the “High-tech Enterprises in tent industry.

“High-tech Enterprise” is the economic entity supported strongly by the government, which has important strategic significance for the establishment of harmonious sustainable economic development. A enterprise  is awarded the “High-tech Enterprise”, indicating that the enterprise have a strong sense of innovation, marketing capabilities and higher management skills, indicating that the enterprise is the high-growing company supported by the government and having great potential economic benefits , and indicating that the Enterprise has strong capability in technological innovation and high-end technology development  .

On the process of enterprise development, Liri Structure always adhere to the independent innovation strategy, convince that only innovation can lead to long development, and continue to introduce innovative products and solutions. These are the reasons that Liri Structure becomes the leader in tent industry. The authentication of “High-tech Enterprise” certification, is not only the recognition for the capacities of Liri Structure in technology research, product core competitiveness, market transformation and management, but also the strong motivation for the development in research and innovation.  marquee tents