In order to promote team spirit in such wonderful springtime, Zhuhai Liri Structure organized three days trip in Yan Shuo of Guilin for office staffs.

LIRI Company hopes to cultivate liriers and enrich spare time. Leaders of LIRI highly regarded this annual event. From the selection of tourist routes, schedule to group leaders choice, we did the thoughtful arrangement and deploy.

In the morning, all staffs were very excited and took buses separately to Yang shuo of Guilin. Everyone enjoy their long-awaited travel. In the first day, we arrived at hotel of Yangshuo and took a rest for a while, then each groups free walk to old street of Yangshuo. The old street is steeped in historyand the night scene is fascinating with exoticism. The second and third day, we visited the Ten-mile Gallery of Lijiang River, butterfly spring, the Ancient Town of Xingping, Moon hill, Silver Cave, Longtan ancient village, and Elephant Trunk peak and other famous sceneries. Everyone enjoyed their great time with each other and approved the travel. Some of our staffs didn’t come because of works, but no need of worry.The company will arrange reward for them.

The company will arrange reward for them. Liri Structure always pay attention on staff welfare, shopping card in holidays, annual travel and birthday gift etc.enterprise cultural construction becomes more and more important, our company care about humanistic concern very much. Company trip of this time also shows our enterprise culture’s versatility. We hope our staffs can have a good rest and also work hard with perfect condition.