Every year in the peak season of Chinese 11.11 Shopping Festival, E-Commerce owner have to face lots of pains, such as explosive growth in orders, logistics and tight capacity, storage resource scarcity, inadequate stocking funds, etc. According to the State Post Bureau forecast, this year’s “double 11” express shipments during the entire industry are expected to reach 760 million, over 40% increase comparing last year. This amount of nearly 800 million of goods will go through the “Ordering”, “warehousing”, “distribution” and other sectors, which raise an question whether E-Commerce owner can bear the stress.

Recently, Liri Structure provides temporary storage buildings solutions for well-known E-Commerce platform JD Mall. Liriwarehouse tent is a good solution to the surge demand for storage in peak shopping season like “double 11”. We can finish the tent installation and dismantle depending on different needs at different times in storage tents. Besides, thanks to short construction period, our tents can be erected at any time after disassembly elsewhere.

There are many advantages of using tent structure as storage, such as low cost, short construction period, recyclable, light transportation, free of building site. Moreover, it can be tailored according to the site, pre-sale, sale, after-sale and a full range of turnkey projects. Our storage tents are with materials of strength aluminum frame to against rust, wind, fire and lifespan can be more than 30 years. Since there is no pillar inside the tent, 100% space utilization. In a word, aluminum structure tent is much flexibility and economy compared to traditional steel structure. Liri’s storage tent can fit to multi-functional system like lighting, fire protection, monitoring, drainage, electricity, ventilation, access control, lightning stroke protection. Our new storage space and fast removable storage solution make storage more economical and convenient. Liri Structure, as China leading brand and global storage solutions for leading companies, have been provided comprehensive storage solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Gree, Coca-Cola Group, the Guangdong International Logistics, Anheuser-Busch InBev. https://www.liri-structure.com/