Days are always like sand flowing from your fingers and slipped quietly.

Reviewing the achievements made in 2017, Liri structures, as the new assembly structures, have gained more and more attention and recognition.

1、New Qualification Honors

In addition to the “Guangdong A-level Enterprise of Credit” for five years, 2017 Liri Structure got more new honors.

 “Guangdong Top Brand”
” Membership Certificate of the China Sporting Goods Federation”

the 27th Qingdao International Beer Festival ” Best Project Team”

” the Best Supporting Company for the 13th Games of the People’s Republic of China”

“Key Enterprise Technology Center of Zhuhai”

Guangdong Research Center of Assembly Modular Tent Technology

“Nation High-tech Enterprises”

liri results

2、Technical Research and Development Achievements

Liri Structure has strengthened the ability of independent innovation and improved core competitiveness, in 2017 we have developed large three-storey tent, 55m Geodesic Dome Tent, 60m Geodesic Dome Tent and Module Tent, and they were successfully pushed into the market and brought a new experience to the customers.

Triple Decker Tent

Triple decker tent

Geodesic Dome Tent60m geodesic dome tent

60m geodesic dome tent

Module Square Tent

Module Square Tent, this product has obtained nation patent, patent number: 201710608211.7

3、Successful Solution Display

Assembled Stadium

In 2017, the major breakthrough of Liri Structure is temporary tents for large scale stadiums. Focusing on the new applications for construction space, from design to construction, Liri Structure has formed a complete system, and supplies the all-weather comprehensive stadium with different size/function/type.

Moduling Sports Tent

Indoor martial arts building for Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Football Stadium Sports Tent Introduce

Indoor Football Field in Changsha Moon Island

Large Sport Event

Liri Structure has always been a major assembly structure supplier of large sports events. Sports  tent can be a more complete and flexible sports solution to meet the different needs of events, therefore, Liri Structure attracts the attention of large sports events.

double decker tent

The 11th China Cup Sailing Competition

 Liri Structure’s Dome shape double decker tent became the center of attention

Sports Event Tent

 The 13th Games of the People’s Republic of China in 2017

Half Sphere Tent

2017 China Auto cross-country Championships( Alashan station) and Dakar China Rally

Outdoor Event Tent For Formula E

2017 FIA Formula Hongkong Station

 Double Decker Tent forOutdoors Sports Event Tent Canopy Outdoor Event Tent

Liri Structure becomes official partner for the China tennis tournament, Wuhan tennis tournament, Zhuhai WTA, Nanchang WTA for many years, and providing a variety of functional tents.

Large sports event tent.outdoor Double Decker Tent High Peak Tent

Liri Structure becomes exclusive tents suppliers for Longines Beijing International Equestrian Masters for 3 years, building nearly 10,000 square meters mobile tents in the Bird’s Nest.

Temporary or Semi-permanent Exhibition Hall

In recent years, the demand for exhibition projects is continually increasing. In 2017, Liri Structure has also made new breakthroughs in the temporary pavilions.

Two Storey Exhibition Tent with Glass Wal

Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Exhibition

 Temporary Exhibition Canopy Structures

The First China (Foshan) International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology & Product Promotion

 Exhibitions tent

2017 Alibaba Group Exhibition

4, Performance Soaring

In 2017, the sales performance in both domestic and foreign markets maintained a steady growth. The projected rental area of domestic tents reached 900,000 square meters, which created a new record.

 Sales data of lizhan house

5, Social Responsibility

Zhuhai city suffered the strongest typhoon in 50 years on August 23, 2017. Liri donated 100,000 yuan in cash to the government at once and provided a series of tents for post-disaster reconstruction, although Liri also suffered a result of the typhoon. However, Liri never forget to pay close attention to the difficulties of the government and society and to fulfill the social responsibility of outstanding enterprises.

 Social Responsibility

6, Liri Corporate Culture

Look back at Liri’s the precious moments and memorable moments in 2017:

Staff Travelling

Liri Structure annually provide company tourism to enrich the leisure life of the employees, enhance the friendship between colleagues, broaden their horizons and cultivate sentiments.   when spring comes,Sales elites started their Japan travel in March; In April, Liri staff began the annual tour to Yangshuo, Guilin for 3 days. To thankful of those staff, who work over 10 years with selfless paid, Liri provided a Thailand’s journey to them.

 The company travel Thailand's tourism Liri Corporate Culture

Liri Cup Game

The 2017 Liri Cup Game was successfully held on the theme of “Keeping fit, self-challenge, self-reinforcing and cohesive”, fully reflecting the spirit of unity and cooperation among Liri employees.

Liri Cup Game

Liri 20th Anniversary Celebration

2017 is Liri Structure 20th anniversary of establishment. Liriers have fully prepared the 20th anniversary celebration. The unforgettable journey of the 20 years are all condensed into this long-awaited ceremony. We won’t forget our beginning heart and with a new target to re-set sail

Liri 20th Anniversary Celebration
Liri Structure will go all out to set another wonderful record in 2018 …