With the improvement of modern living,more and more people begin to seek spiritual satisfaction, and more and more people begin to pay attention to have artistic living, therefore various of art exhibitions held in full swing throughout the country.

The mobile tent hall is the best venues for art exhibitions,it is not only meet the unique Art Reform of space for art exhibition, but also is not limited by the construction site, and also meet the demand of one to one model for art tour around.

LIRI can provide a variety of customized mobile assembly Art Museum tent halls, and the best choice is the thermo roof cube structure tent with 8m side height and a large space.

Below are the characteristics of the Mobile Assembly Art Museum Tent:

1.Large space and good headspace in the height which creates a quiet atmosphere of the traditional museum, it makes the audience feeling comfortable and rise the elegant atmosphere for the art show.

2.100% of the internal space utilization to allow all the guests to enjoy the art of reform;

3.Inflatable design film with flat roof, the tent has the heat insulation, temperature effect, to better protect the precious works of Art;

4.This fabricated structure makes the length or width can be adjustabled according to the flexibility of the site and to meet the demand of various scale art exhibitions.