Liri Structure always puts quality first. We firmly believe that only good products can win more customers trust, this is the reason that we have been pursuing but never been surpassed. And high quality tent is derived from the professional production process, leading production technology and management system.

CNC machine. This is a machine equipped with an automated process control system, the computation of various control signals issued by the NC device to control the machine’s movements, and according to the shape and size of the drawings, process the parts automatically. It is a better way to solve the complex, sophisticated, small quantity and variety of parts processing problems. Liri Structure is the first one in tent industry who apply the CNC machine and CNC cutting machine, which achieve the aluminum frame automated process integration and PVC fabric CNC cutting integration, ensure the precision machining accuracy and stability of the processing quality.

Automatic washing machine. Liri Structure also introduced a fabric cleaning machines imported from Germany. We are the only one company in China who introduced this machine, in order to fully realize the automatic fabric cleaning, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

ERP management systems and bar code management system. Advanced ERP enterprise resource management system built on the basis of information technology, adopt the systematic management ideology to guide the production, rebuild the business and information processes and organizational structure to enable enterprises to have greater activity in the market competition. Bar code management system is a combination of bar code technology and information processing technology to ensure inventory accuracy and reasonableness of inventory levels, and enables customers to trace the process from production to sales.

Focus on tents for 20 years, Liri Structure has never change the pursuit of quality, constantly achieve tent production for profession and efficiency.