Nowadays, there is a popular cooperation method among the companies, which is calledBusiness Rental. In tent industry, this method is called”TentRental”. The large companies with professional background is as lessor, they provide rental service to the companies, which have requirement about tents(that is “lessee”).

Can’t afford to purchase tents? It doesn’t matter. Now you can build temporary hotel to hold “home party” by renting tents. You can make a profit if there come guests. You can also enjoy the luxury life in the decorated tent. Currently this new business model has become the new choice of some young entrepreneurs, and gradually is being accepted and recognized by the market.

Home Party Tent can provide customers with a villa for home party, not only with accommodation functions, but also with party, KTV, mahjong, billiards, barbecue and other places, so that customers can be as comfortable as at home. Currently home party tents business distribute in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. Compared with ordinary hotel, home party tents have richer, more intimate functions, consumption for per person is not high, so it is so popular, especially among young people. Some investors focus on this opportunity, rent a party tents hall to start home party business. It is not difficult to earn 20,000 yuan a month.