Alashan desert Challenge China will be officially started on 25th July, which is the world’s first road rally that with desert track as all racing routes. As the official tent supplier and sponsor of this event, all camping tents in the desert will be built by Liri Structure
This event is one of the top domestic rallies at present. It is organized by Management Center of National Motocycle Sports of General Administration of Sports, Sports Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Alashan Administrative Bureau of Inner Mongolia, The venue is located in Alxa League. The total travel distance is more than 3000 km, stage is 2000 km.
Alxa League is located in the Western Inner Mongolia, there are the most magnificent Badan Jilin desert and Tengger Desert that with the most complex topographic change, and Ulan Buh Desert which is the combination of desert and gobi. All these deserts create a special racing route that with many changes and various challenges. It’s a rare and professional event venue in local China.
It is a multi vehicle race game and divided into Motorcycle Group, Car Group, Truck Group and Open Group.
There are three base stations:
First Station: Left Banner of Alxa Tengger Desert and Swan Lake Tourist area;
Second Station: Right Banner of Alxa and Bataan Lake Tourist area;
Third Station: Eight Flag Bridge Desert Park
All tents for Alashan Desert rally were contracted by Liri Structure. The latest news, the installation for the camping tents in the first station are going to be completed in the evening of 24th July. As a professional event tent supplier, Liri Structure provides the best quality tent for the event headquarters, they are building safe and reliable campsite, which is the five-star camp in the desert.
As the earliest and the largest tent company in China, Liri Structure also has been the exclusive tent supplier of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, China rally, F1 Motorboat World Championship and A1 World Cup Grand Prix. Therefore, Liri Structure can provide a guarantee for a high level and international desert rally.
According to the official news, there are many racing teams are planning to participate in China Alashan Desert Rally. “Inner Mongolia Five Fingers Brother Racing Team” will send a large group of 15 cars to attend this game. There will be expected to have more than 30 teams (including the manufacturer teams and free riders), hundreds of cars will be gathered in the desert. All tents for this event were contracted to Liri Structure, but which team is going to win this game? Let’s wait and see.