Let’s get married in 2019, find an open place, build a bright wedding tent. This place is our wedding heaven for now. The tent makes it possible to warm up the idyllic wedding in the summer, imagine that we can slowly enter a nice wedding tent of reception, peace and lively. What a wonderful feeling!

Lots of Choices on Theme or Decorations

Freedom and flexibility are the hallmarks of a wedding tent, we can make designs according to guests’ quantity. These are quite flexible and also we could have lots of choices on theme or decorations. It can show different kinds of style and price according to different request or theme. We can provide you with everything you need.

Not Bound by the Venue and Space

Noble but not expensive. Noble maybe means high cost. But the tent is totally different! It is not bound by the venue and space and can be equipped with related services such as catering. Let your guests enjoy the benefits of a superior hotel but spend as easily as at a family gathering. The wedding tent is like this, stylish and elegant!

You may be surprised to find that finding a space and occasion that you imagine is actually a very simple matter! In such a space, you will find wedding tent does not the same as our traditional wedding venue. It is a 21st-century open wedding. The feeling is totally different.