Aluminum Warehouse Canopy

Industrial Canopy

Compared with traditional warehouses, aluminum warehouse canopy can better meet the needs of enterprises for warehouses. Compared to the long construction period of traditional warehouses, our aluminum warehouse canopy can be used immediately after the construction is completed. We can help enterprises complete rapid warehousing, this type of tent warehouse can adapt to market changes, with a small investment, and quickly expand warehousing capacity.

Fast Construct and Relocate

The main structure of our aluminum warehouse canopy is aluminum alloy frames and PVC fabrics. This factory-prefabricated structure is easy to transport and has no special requirements for the terrain. No matter transporting it to any location, you can use the idle land to quickly build temporary storage space.

Customizable Space

You can build an aluminum warehouse canopy space according to the actual needs. The large space without center pole design can be divided into different areas according to the storage habits of different enterprises. You can plan and use internal space more reasonably, not only does it not waste space but also improves the utilization of warehouse space.

Flexible Extension

The structural advantage is the most prominent feature of aluminum warehouse canopy, it can help enterprises expand or shrink storage space at any time according to the needs at different stages because it is a regular modular structure, it can be extended or reduced by 5 meters, very Convenient.

Secure and Reliable Temporary Storage Space

Liri industrial canopy is the improved and upgraded design, the gable wall is the whole sandwich panel wall design. The entire sandwich wall makes the overall appearance of the tent warehouse look more concise and generous. This design also ensures the tightness and durability of the warehouse.

Whether you want to solve the temporary storage space shortage in the short term or want to invest an industrial canopy and use it for the long-term, Liri Structure can help you build the tent in the shortest time to solve your different storage needs. In addition, we can provide a full range of services, such as warehouse doors and windows, industrial lighting, constant temperature air conditioning equipment, and other complete supporting facilities.

Type of Tents

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