Beer Festival Party Marquees

Transparent Party Marquee for Beer Festival

It is the most enjoyable to drink in the summer, this is why cool beer festivals are held all over the world at this time. Because it is a seasonal party, the beer festival is usually held in a movable temporary building, which can be expanded according to situation annually. Beer Festival Party Marquees from LIRI are with flexible interior space and with a variety of tent designs to fulfill the different needs of the party. It is the perfect solution for a party event.

In general, beer festival will be held in 30-60 meters span large tents and 6 meters high or even 8 meters are common. So that a large space can be accommodated for a large number of guests and offer comfortable drink surroundings. Beer Festival Party Marquee offers a flexible outdoor venue without being affected by bad weather.

With years experience in cooperation and unique construction technology, Liri Structure has become a good beer festival partner for many large cities in China, including Qingdao International Beer Festival, Harbin International Beer Festival, Beijing Beer Festival, Dalian Beer Section and so on.

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