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Opening Ceremony Marquee Hall | Gala Marquee Hall

It is not easy to organize a large outdoor event for hundreds of people in the hot summer weather. Recently, we provide marquee hall tents as a university campus opening ceremony event solution. Sufficient internal space, and a bright environment, combined with the cooling of the tent specialized air conditioner system, promoted the successful completion of this event.

There are many factors to consider for a successful outdoor celebration:

  • Enough space for events
  • Uncontrollable weather
  • High-quality and safe structure
  • Short construction and disassemble period

The gala marquee hall we provide could well meet these needs. The tent structure adopts modular designs, which have the characteristics of a short construction period, easy assemble, and disassemble. You can increase or decrease the length of the space by 5 meters basis. It is flexibly customizing the size of the tent to meet the needs of different events. The side height of the opening ceremony activity tent is 4 meters, and the internal space does not create a sense of oppression in the slightest.

Opening ceremony Marquee’s roof cover is made of flame-retardant double-coated PVC polyester fabric, which meets the European DIN4102B1/M2 standard. There are two options of PVC, opaque and translucent. The large-size glass wall equipped around the tent expands people’s vision and enhances the style of the entire event.

In addition, we also provide tents with a specialized air conditioning system. No matter the weather cold or hot, the structure is able to provide guests a comfortable space for events! Liri Tent is committed to providing you with a full range of outdoor ceremony Marquee Hall solutions.

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