Portable Warehouse Buildings

Temporary Warehouse Structure Services

In terms of usage, our portable warehouse buildings are no different from Traditional Warehouse Buildings, but it has more advantages.

Cost Advantage

When it comes to leasing or construction, enterprises will make cost estimation, which is the top concern for them. The capital cost of our portable warehouse buildings is only 30% of the Traditional Concrete Warehouse Building. A Warehouse is not built in a day, construction cost is also an important concern for them. Compared with Traditional Warehouse Building, our Portable Warehouse is easy to assemble. It will save a lot of time and money for them.

Structure Advantages

Modular Design, Large Span, No Columns in the middle and Large Internal Space, these are structural advantages of our portable warehouse. Our Portable Warehouse is a modular design, easy to assemble. It can be set up in all different kinds of the ground surface, even the ground surface is not eave, we can provide an adjustable scaffolding system to finish the installation.

Portable Advantage

If your existing warehouse space is not enough, we can also do some expansion on your original design, to expand the space in a very short time. High flexibility is a big advantage for our Portable Warehouse. What is more, our Portable Warehouse is easy to move from one place to another place without causing environmental damage to the original site.

Modular Design and high flexibility are not all the advantages of our Portable Warehouse. A quality guarantee is another feature of our Portable Warehouse. The manufacture is under substandard management system which can provide high quality storage tents full accessories, like safety doors, smart lock system, water and electricity, heating system, cooling system, ventilation, and lighting system.

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