Temporary Tent Structure for the 19th Asian Games

In 2023, China hosted a number of major international sports events, including the 31st Summer Universiade, the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games/Asian Paralympic Games, the 2023 Beijing International Equestrian Masters, the 2023 China Tennis Open, etc. It is no surprise that they all chose Liri Structure as the official tent supplier.

Liri Structure has 10 years of experience in serving major international sports events. It has independently developed and produced 54 product series, over 500 individual tent products, and accumulated more than 130 patented technologies. LIRI has a strong presence in the sports events industry. Furthermore, it has shown outstanding innovation performance and has become a key supplier for major domestic and international sports events.

In China, Liri Structure is involved in almost all major international sports events. As early as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Liri Structure has exceeded industry standards by successfully overcoming challenging geographical environments and ultra-low temperatures. Under the circumstances, it took over 4 months to complete the entire project, from product design and production to transportation and installation.

To improve insulation, the roofs of the prefabricated tents are designed with three layers. PVC fabric is used both inside and outside, with 75mm glass wool in the middle for insulation. The walls are reinforced with architectural edges to make them more stable. 120 kg/m3 of rock wool is stuffed inside the sandwich panel wall. The floor consists of a light steel framework, 75mm glass wool insulation, two layers of plywood, and loop pile carpet. This design provides warmth all around, saves energy, and lowers emissions.

At the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games/Asian Paralympic Games in 2023, Liri Structure provided nearly 30,000 square meters of tent space and used an elegantly designed Modular Box for the FOP medical points. As an officially licensed product retail store, LIRI’s Modular Box showcases its innovative and brand-new appearance, making it more than just a tent.

In addition, Liri Structure provides comprehensive event support services to meet all the requirements of event organizers for a grand and exciting event. Our services also include temporary room dividers, crowd control barriers, fences, camera platforms, flagpoles, portable toilets, and other supporting temporary facilities, providing more considerate services for the event.

Today’s Liri Structure is the result of exceptional design skills and advanced construction techniques. It also demonstrates the strength of China’s manufacturing. So far, our products have been exported to over 130 countries and regions, and have been used in more than 100,000 temporary construction projects both domestically and internationally.

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