Winter Sports Games Tent

These temporary tent structures provided for winter sports games are from Liri Structure. Since the main construction area is mainly mountainous, it took more than 4 months from product design, production, to transportation and installation. The construction of the entire project was completed at the end of December last year. The competition arena located in the middle of the mountain is cold and windy, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature can reach as low as minus 20 degrees. Under the severe geographical environment and ultra-low temperature conditions, it has strict requirements for insulation, snow resistance, and wind resistance for the tent structures.

In order to provide a more comfortable environment for athletes and staff, tents for previous winter events only required thermal insulation on the roof and surrounding walls, but this time, our Sports Tents use a three-layer design on the top, with PVC fabric inside and outside, and 75mm glass wool in the middle for insulation. The walls adopt building edge sealing to strengthen their stability, and the middle of the sandwich panel walls adopt 120 kg/m3 rock wool, and the floors are combined with light steel keel, 75 mm glass wool, two layers of plywood, and loop pile carpets. The design of 360° all-around warmth can save energy to the greatest extent.

Therefore, the prefabricated tent structure, which is easy to disassemble, produces less construction waste, and does not damage the surrounding environment, has become an ideal solution for winter sports games because of its green and environmental benefits.

Winter sports games are mainly used as the lounge, restaurant, press conference room, maintenance garage, parking garage, media center, etc. In addition, we also provided tents for security checks and epidemic prevention in other competition areas.

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