Many enterprises are facing industrial and storage space needs, in order to solve the space needs of industry, storage tents or industrial tents from Liri Structure are able to provide with you ideal solutions. Free and Flexible Space The industrial tent is a modular temporary building. It generally uses the A-frame roof design, which can […]

How to build indoor badminton court (2)

Whether it is to cover the courts for basketball, football, or badminton, a traditional sports arena takes a long time to build and a high cost of expenditure. How to build an indoor badminton court has become a problem. Nowadays, most of the new gymnasiums are built using modular structures, which are not only fast […]

How to hold down a clear span tent (2)

Compared with traditional buildings, Clear span tent is not only more cost favorable but also can be assembled directly on the spot for its modular design. And the advantage is easy to build with low requirements on the ground environment. The installation and fixing of clear-span tents are generally divided into two situations: destructible ground […]

How to set up a large event marquee on the mountain (3)

With the increasing popularity of temporary event marquees, the demand for marquees used for outdoor parties, weddings, sports events, and various events is increasing accordingly. To have sufficient space, some large-scale projects would be generally located in relatively open mountainous areas or seaside areas. However, these places are not as flat as concrete floors, and […]

Temporary Sports Structures

With the increasing number of people exercising year by year, the demand for sports venues is growing, and the stadium industry has a better development prospect in the future. In order to realize the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums more quickly, Liri Structure has provided a comprehensive solution for stadiums and gymnasiums. Modular Sports Tent […]

aluminum warehouse tent

Insufficient warehouse space will cause a large number of goods to pile up. Especially in the peak season, the shortage of warehouse storage space is everywhere. In this case, the greater the risk of damage and loss of goods, and the problem of commodity storage has become one of the headache problems. It can quickly […]