Our temporary structures are made of aluminum frames and PVC fabric and are widely used in the fields of temporary events and semi-permanent buildings. Liri Structure has been dedicated to the research and development of temporary structures for many years, with an experienced research and development team and construction team. We use 6-series T6 industrial […]


Warehouse tents have the advantage of a short construction period and fast construction speed. They can complete the construction of thousands of square meters of warehouse tents in one day and can be dismantled or expanded according to the storage space needs at any time. This has also become an ideal choice for many enterprises […]


Our aluminum span tents are available in a variety of clear span options, ideal for large temporary structures. It has different design advantages. All structural frames and accessories, such as wall panels, doors, windows, fabric materials, etc., have been pre-prepared and processed in the factory, transported to the site, assembled, cut, and assembled by means […]

How to assemble event tents in difficult terrain (1)

The aluminum alloy tent has the characteristic of prefabricated disassembly and assembly, which can be assembled at the activity site without the need for welding and cutting. It is very suitable for outdoor construction and is often used for outdoor activities, temporary storage, and other purposes. Up to now, aluminum alloy tents have become a […]

Temporary Building Emergency Exit Door Guide (1)

Temporary buildings are usually used for commercial or industrial purposes and can be built on a very large area, usually in the hundreds or thousands of square meters. Therefore, we should pay special attention to emergency safety issues, which are directly related to the safety of life and property. This includes setting up safety exits, […]

How big is an indoor basketball court (2)

The standard size of the basketball court is 28m x 15m, Normally it is no less than 7m in height. Liri Structure provides customized solutions for Basketball Court Cover, The size of the basketball court, can be customized, 5 meters per bay in length with no limit to the length,  It could also be built […]