Let Liri Structure will create a warm, charming, space for your wedding! Courtyard grass, beach, or other outdoor venues, we will meet your every wedding tent need. We pursue every detail so you will have a picturesque wedding. Your tent will include lighting, ceilings, curtains, decoration, wood flooring, and air conditioning systems. At the same […]

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The camp is the contestants home, tent living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, toilets, vehicle maintenance, information centers, communication, infirmary, various of facilities. The dining area is as large as two basketball courts, which can host 1,300 people dining. Long-distance cross-country Rally is like large combat, soldiers should eat well, then they will fight a good fight. […]

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On March 17th,2013, the Super Motor Race of Zhujiang Delta came to a successful end. The event, which has been held for 8 successful years, is thought of as the most outstanding race in China stated by its dedicated fans. This year’s race attracted over 30,000 motor amateurs to enjoy the fast paced action. With […]