Every year, people are killed or injured by the unsafe use of tents in severe weather conditions. With knowledge and safe practices, nearly all such incidents can be avoided.

Read the Installation Manual carefully. It is advised that study this document and asks questions so you understand what wind speed your tent can withstand and how to correctly anchor your tent. Tents should be fixed on the stable land whose maximum wind resistance varies with its dimensions. Generally, it is forbidden to install and use a tent when the wind speeds up to 7th grade.

Understand the relationship between wind speed and force. Determining the exact force the wind is exerting on a tent involves several factors, but the most important variable is the wind speed itself. The key thing to know is that wind pressure increases exponentially with speed. Do not underestimate the outcome.
Watch the weather, have a plan. Have a plan with your customer to move the party elsewhere if necessary.

Though Liri Structure is strong and durable, if the wind gets nasty, GET OUT! The most important rule of safe tenting is that tents are not safe shelters in high wind conditions. Remember that tents can be used as a temporary structure in a short time which is not advised to be used for the long term!