Bravo, the Fifth Sport Games of Liri Structure has finished perfectly.

Although with chilling wind, it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the athletes and employees.

men's 1000 meters

Men’s 1000 meters

women's 600 meters

Women’s 600 meters


5 people and 6 feet (Men and Women)

rope skipping

Rope Skipping (Women)

balloon treading

Balloon Treading(Women)

Except the basketball and the above events, this year we also added a special skill games – Tents Assembly!

tents assembly

Tents Assembly is the initiative sport event specially designed by Liri Structure, which is the first time we have after so many years’ sport games. It is not only a good chance to show your strengths and skills, but the teamwork also. The whole scene was really exciting and the audiences were screaming time to time. At last, the winner is assembly department with the innovative method to finish in 9 minutes 10 seconds, even break the record of trial assembly. It showed high efficiency, innovation and unity of Liri Structure, and interpreted the “Liri Speed’ perfectly!

tents assembly

Under the 50m width basketball court tent, a wonderful basketball game was to begin. The athlete entered the court in high spirits and performed wonderful in the coming time. Every shot, even for every dribble also caught the fans’ eyes. They cooperated well and changed the strategy, three-points shot, defensive rebound, free throw, etc, they compete for each score. Finally, the red team became the winner for the wonderful play in the second half game.

In the awarding ceremony, the fifth sport game was going to end but we are still heading. Through this game, it caused our attention to the exercise; also enhance understanding and friendship between departments. Expecting to see you again in the next year.