In the evening of 30 December 2017, Liri Structure‘s 20th anniversary of the Ingenuity and Thanksgiving Celebrating successful in a beautiful Liri structure tent.

The wonderful programs shows present the Liri’s staff vibrant spirit. And long with the 4 times money lottery, making the enthusiasm highest in the tent hall.

Starting Dance Passion of Liri, Power and Beauty

Collaborate Songs. Young Liri Voice

Chorus,  Our Worker Has Big Power

Poetry,  Liri Praise

Ethnic Dance,  Kezibala

The speech of Chairman Chen Li was the most touching part in this grand celebration. For many years, Liri insists on being a private enterprise with social responsibility and insisted on participating in various public welfare activities as far, such as the Wenchuan, the Yushu and the Ya’an earthquake, Doumen Overseas Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zhuhai’s typhoon relief, but also actively involved in sports, many times for large-scale events to provide tents building structures. Ms. Chen Li, believes that public welfare is a way to spread positive energy to the society during the day and is a concrete action to return to the society in the day. It is also part of the corporate culture in the company. She also mentioned in particular the old staff who have been working for Liri more than 10 years. She believes that employees are the company’s most valuable asset in the past 20 years. Thanksgiving all workers devoted her best life to Liri, From a small workshop of less than 500 square meters, it has grown up to be a large-scale tent manufacturer and an industry leader, and now covering an area of more than 120,000 square meters. The future will also continue to invest, increase the company’s benefits to all the workers, let everyone share the fruits and glory with Liri.

Award to More than 10 Years Employee Awards

As the most important moment in this evening, the “Video of the 20th Anniversary of Liri” is the first time to be shown to the public. More than 500 guests looked carefully the video of the development of Liri in the past 20 years, deeply felt what made Liri’s success. Mr. Liang Weiming, the founder of Liri, also mentioned in his speech: “What we saw 20 years ago is an opportunity. After 20 years is a challenge. We need to maintain a state of starting. Achievements in the past only present a result of a stage of hard work, and in the future, if we want to do better, we need to keep the initial mind, diligent and innovative, all the staff work harder together and Liri can go higher and further stage.

A grand celebration party of all the Liriers, makes everyone touching. This event from the planning to the successful holding, organized by Liri team. Once again thank all the performers and staffs in this celebration, we enjoy this carnival night. 20 years old, is still young for a company that is aiming at a hundred-year-old company, hoping that the day will come under the efforts of all the Liners. In the coming new year 2018, hope everyone success and good luck in the life.