The aluminum alloy tent has the characteristic of prefabricated disassembly and assembly, which can be assembled at the activity site without the need for welding and cutting. It is very suitable for outdoor construction and is often used for outdoor activities, temporary storage, and other purposes.

How to assemble event tents in difficult terrain (2)

Up to now, aluminum alloy tents have become a better choice for outdoor temporary buildings. Compared to the cement ground in cities, the outdoor ground environment is very complex, with mud, land, grass, sand, and even rugged ground conditions. These are difficult problems for traditional buildings to overcome, but for aluminum alloy tents, they are not a problem.

How to assemble event tents in difficult terrain (1)

Aluminum alloy tents have different fixing methods for different difficult terrains:When facing grass and mud, we will use steel anchors to fix it. If we build a tent on harder ground, we usually use expansion screws or weighing plates to fix it.

For more soft and uneven terrain such as deserts or beaches, we will use professional steel scaffolding platforms and lay outdoor anti-corrosion planks. We will create a dedicated platform for leveling, and then fix the tents with expansion screws. This not only looks beautiful but also is more stable.

How to assemble event tents in difficult terrain (3)

Regardless of the ground environment, we have corresponding fixed methods, so even in difficult terrain, we can freely build any size of aluminum alloy tent.