Wedding tents are a very popular product for our company, so how to build a wedding tent?

Choose a proper ground

The choice of venue must be determined by the size of the tent. It is better to use an open area. But if it is sand land or another soft land, our company can provide fixed equipment which can be used to help you with fixing the tent. Safe is the most important thing for us. When you are building a tent, you must prepare a space one meter wider than the width or what we called clear span, so that the entire tent does not look very crowded.

Suitable auxiliary tools

Before you build a tent, you should choose some auxiliary equipment which is based on the size of the tent, such as elevators and forklifts. In general, small tents do not require much auxiliary equipment. Because small wedding tent is very easy to assemble and dismantle. We posted the installation video on youtube and you can watch it if you don’t know how to do it. Also, we will attach the installation instructions to the goods. Because of the simple construction, most of our customers are able to solve problems on their own.

Installation workers

The number of installers depends on the size of the tent and the estimated time of installation, which is also related to the proficiency of the workers. Our company can dispatch people to instruct the installation process. if you are in some areas, we can dispatch a worker to instruct you to install it, you only need to pay for the accommodation and meals. If you don’t want some guys like this, you need to ask someone to read the instruction book carefully, so that he can learn how to install, and then you can ask him to train those workers who don’t know how to install, the time it takes will be shorter.

Liri is a company which really focus on the service after you buy our products, and We can answer all the problems which you meet during the whole wedding tent installation process. Finally, thank you for choosing the Liri structure.