What size tent do I need for a wedding?

Wedding is the most important day for a person. The choice of wedding venue will affect the atmosphere there. So how do you determine the size of the wedding tent? So that it seems neither crowded nor empty? You need to pay attention to the following points:

The number of guests

Before the wedding banquet begins, the most important thing is to confirm how many guests will visit you that day so that you can determine the number of tables and the number of chairs. The advice given by our company is 1.2 square meters for every person, which is proper. In addition, the choice of length and width is also very important, depending on the preferences of the groom and the bride. Some people like to walk the long blanket, watched by each guest, slowly walk to the front stage, and then complete the wedding ceremony. In this case, the ratio of length to width can be larger.

Stage area

The most sacred moment of the wedding is the moment when the ring is taken. This will be done on the stage with the eyesight from every guest. The area of the stage can be a little big, so it looks like open,won’t be so crowded. The bride and groom also have more space to complete their sacred wedding. That must be the happiest moment. The father will put his daughter’s hand into the groom’s hand with the best wishes to their great future. The area of the stage could be 10 sqm, which is enough for the guys to continue their activity.

Reception area

Before you go to the table, you need to prepare some space for entertainment, which will bring the guest some time to enjoy the atmosphere there. This place does not have to be too big, but it must be necessary.

Anyway, the wedding ceremony is something that U need to focus on.it means a lot for all the guys who just marry.it is a symbol of how you regard your life in the next years. So I suggest those friends who want a happy life in the rest of lives, just try your best to make an unforgettable wedding ceremony. We could offer different accessories for your wedding ceremony, we will try our best to satisfy you. Finally, I sincerely hope that you will have a happy wedding and a happy future.