Have you ever encountered rainy weather while outdoor event? When you were selling outdoors, did you sunburned by the poisonous sun?

Have you ever been improving the promotion way of your company? Our outdoor event tents can be a reliable assistant in your product promotion campaign. It can be safely fixed on all kinds of ground, no matter, the soft grassland or the hard ground, such as marble and concrete ground.

It is easy to install and dismantle tents. It will take two to three days to install a large event tent. The small event tent takes only one hour or a few minutes. Liri has provided tents for many famous events and exhibitions, such as the Canton Fair tent and all kinds of car shows. With the good event tents ,and our good service, your outdoor event will be better displayed.

So how to put up a large event tent?

First, we must choose the appropriate tent size according to the site. In addition, we need to consider the light transmittance of the roof cover .

Secondly, we need choose the right direction. Generally, we choose the south. When the sun comes out, we can shine into the tent. If the light is not good, then you will not get the Ideal effect.

The third is to select the accessories according to the site. If the ground floor is hard, please choose expandable bolts. if it is soft ground should be fixed with the ground anchor, you can also choose the weight plate according to the situation.

When the site and all accessories are ready then we can start installation according to the instruction. Our event tents will make the events more exciting and perfect.