With the increasing popularity of temporary event marquees, the demand for marquees used for outdoor parties, weddings, sports events, and various events is increasing accordingly. To have sufficient space, some large-scale projects would be generally located in relatively open mountainous areas or seaside areas. However, these places are not as flat as concrete floors, and there may be height differences and transportation difficulties to realize the project. Therefore, whether a large event marquee can be installed in this situation has become a concern for everyone.

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Generally, for the grounds where the marquee would be built, including grasslands, sandy land, muddy land, and mountainous areas, Liri Structure will survey the terrain and eliminate various safety hazards and unfavorable factors first, providing customers with comprehensive solutions. For temporary construction purposes, a dedicated scaffolding platform would be used under the event marquee to solve the problem of uneven ground. The bottom of the event marquee can be directly fixed on the platform and can also be easily removed after the activity is over.

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Secondly, to address the transportation challenges of large event marquees, we adopt a modular design that directly splices and uses various components during installation, without the need for cutting and welding. The advantage of this design is that it saves transportation costs and eases the difficulties for large buildings, even on limited road sections, and can be transported through smaller vehicles. Of course, mountain transportation is also relatively more difficult, and it will also increase labor costs in terms of transportation costs.

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The above methods can effectively solve the problem of building a large event marquee on the mountain. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our online customer service, and we will provide you with customized solutions accordingly.