The 2010 Asian Games is second time in China and Guangzhou city win the hosting right.This time the Asian Games is the largest scale and the most sports in all previous.Liri-Tent manufactory company has been in fore and be the only one tent supplier for this show.We offer our tent area over 40,000 square meter.And on the 2011,Liri-Tent manufactory company have offer more than 40,000 square meter big tent area for The 26th summer universiade in Shenzhen.With our rich experience and good reputation,Liri structure become the tent supplier in most top sports events,like the ILMC competition,CHINACUP competition,CGR competition,Chinese equestrian competition,China Tennis Open.

“Challenge the limit and challenge yourself”,Appointed as the only one tent supplier in China for this Competition,Liri-Tent manufactory company have cooperate with The worlds top sporting events once again.We offer the impeccable logistics service,now we cheer for the athletes from different countries all over the world.

Liri Structure —The Top Brand of Clear Span Aluminum Tents in China
Many times cooperation with top competitions,Liri-Tent is become more and more time showing on the The international big stage,but most inportant is that the organizing committee recognize our brand and quality.

Adhering to the constant challenge the limit,and constantly challenge their sportsmanship, Liri Structure is constantly in the challenge,has been improved innovation,and strive to keep the top quality.We constantly challenge “speed”,because the design structure is excellent,good weather tent can achieve rapid installation and removal;We constantly challenge “endurance”,we adopt double PVC coated polyester,0.65mm thickness,850g/sqm,100% block-out,water-proof,UV resistant,fire retardant for our high quality PVC fabric,and we adopt reinforced aluminum alloy 6061/T6 extruded 15HW profile,surface anodized finish for our frame,which can be used for more than 15 years.

Beijing the iaaf world athletics world championships is again catching worlds eyes,we expect for the new world record,new limits,new myself.Also the world will Witness a new Liri-Tent,with high reputation.