Nice spring season and , Everything is vitality. On this occasion, Liri Structure held a spring dinner party for 500 employees gathered in a share of the harvest last year. During dinner time, Liri Structure commended outstanding employees as their hard work during the past year. At the same time, Liri Structure encouraged all colleagues are ready to work hard and try to reach execllent achivement in new year.

Factory director gave a speach to start the dinner party. About the speach, it review Liri Structure past year important history and welcome all staffs and guests back to their job. And then the President had a speach about everyone’s labor achievements expressed certainty and put forward the strategic planning of Liri Structure and looking Liri Structure bright future and gave all staffs best wishes for the New Year. Later, Chairman sent”Yuanbao” with ” god of wealth” and then the dinner party started.

During the dinner party, President,Chairman, factory manager and managing director toast to all staffs and express thankful to all staffs hard working.

The dinner program content is very rich, brilliant singing performances, exciting lottery activity and excellent staff recognition ceremony were interspersed. Rental Department staff Sunguo Bing a “change of heart” set off a wonderful beginning.And then the other employees performing “Blue and white porcelain”,” Later, “” love you “,” fat boy head “,” Little Apple “and so on. Alls staffs applauded for wonderful performances. However, the most exciting moment was another round of lottery. And the host imitation “I am a singer” to announce the results and make the winner more suspense. At the end of dinner party,Liri Structure honors employees working in Liri Structure over ten years and were commended in recognition of their outstanding contribution to Liri Structure.

After dinner party, the company also prepared a colorful dazzling fireworks show for employees, based sub dinner drew to a successful close. Colorful fireworks display also indicates Liri Structure thriving in the new year, climbing!