If you are holding an outdoor party or event, you should consider renting a party tent. The weather can be very hard to predict accurately. The worst thing that can happen to your outdoor event is for you to spend all that money and have bad weather ruin it for you.

The following steps will show you how to rent a party tent.

1. Calculate the number of people you will need for the tent to accommodate. Figure out how many tables, chairs, or both you will need for the tent. Make sure you have a lot of space for necessary things like dance floors, stages, banquet tables, and so on.

2. Measure the space you have available to place your tent. All tents will require extra room beyond the size of the tent.

3. Decide if you would like sidewalls on your tent. Sidewalls are necessary if you are unsure about the weather conditions for the day of your event. However,they do come with an additional charge.

4. Search online or in the phone book under “party rentals” to find a company that will rent party tents. If you are already renting tables,chairs,and other party items then ask the company you are renting from to see if they will provide tents as well.

5. Get a price quote on the tent,poles,and sidewalls that you need for your tent. Give the company all the information you have gathered like how many people will be attending,what items you will have inside the tent,and how much outside space you have available.

6. Contact your local gas and electric company and have them mark off any underground lines. You must give your utility company several days notice before they will have this done depending on the company’s regulations. When the tent company stakes the tent,they will have to anchor the tent to the ground and may have to place the stakes deeply into the ground. This information is very important and vital.

7. Place your order and set the date for delivery. Make sure you will have the tent delivered and set up on time for your event. Schedule for more time than you need in case the rent company runs late in delivery and setup.