Nowadays, more and more sports venues are using tent buildings to replace traditional buildings. Different appearance designs and creativity have brought new vitality to the sports world. The convenience, flexibility, economical efficiency, and environmental protection of aluminum alloy tent structures have also pushed the sports industry to a new level.


As far as we know, the tent industry has only been developed in China for about 20 years. Mr. Liang Weimin, the founder of Liri Architecture Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., dared to be the first, to independently develop and produce aluminum alloy PVC tent buildings, and he is the first tent manufacturer in China. Liri was founded in 1997, at the beginning of the company’s development, Liri continued to learn and develop new products and structures and has been engaged in the temporary tent building manufacturing industry for 26th years.


“The development of tents can effectively utilize land resources and solve temporary space needs. As a developing country, there is a large market space in the country in terms of port maritime buildings, industrial buildings, sports buildings, and events buildings.” – The founder Liang Weimin said.

With nearly 30 years of business experience, Liri Structure has become a veritable leader in the domestic prefabricated mobile construction industry. In terms of the sports tent market, Liri Structure has developed three types of products: prefabricated aluminum alloy structures, air dome buildings, and electric retractable roof structures. It has more than ten product series with different shapes and sizes. Not only does it have an innovative design in terms of shape, but it also puts a lot of effort into its configuration and quality.




PVC Roof Cover

Add 75mm double-sided coated fiberglass insulation cotton between the inner and outer PVC fabrics to maintain a constant temperature indoors.


Adopt Sandwich panel walls or hollow glass curtain walls as wall materials in all aspects, which can effectively ensure indoor cooling/heating storage, and have excellent sound insulation effects to avoid noise or disturbing residents.

Appearance Design

Whether it is PVC covers or walls, you can choose customized colors or pattern printing to create personalized sports venues.

Interior Decor

The two-color inner PVC fabric design gives the entire space a more layered feel, and the professional sports wood flooring enhances the high-end feel of the interior space.


Install any electrical appliances freely and provide low-noise industrial ceiling fans, improve indoor air circulation, and save energy and environmental protection.

Temporary Tent Buildings

Nowadays, the technology of domestic prefabricated buildings continues to mature and promote its application. Prefabricated sports tents have been flexibly used in many sports such as basketball, football, badminton, tennis, swimming, skating, etc. With the popularization of national fitness, the market will expand in the next few years. The scale will continue to expand. With the acceleration of urbanization, prefabricated buildings will pay more attention to the development of green, environmental protection, intelligence, and other aspects, and gradually become the mainstream technology in the construction industry.