Pole Tents vs Frame Tents

Many People often ask what is difference between frame tent and pole tent. In fact, they are both suitable for an outdoor wedding but have great differences in structure.

Pole Tent

The structure of the pole tent is relatively simple. It consists mainly of the main support rod and the elastic cloth. The shape of the roof is adjusted with the movement of the support rod. It has a pointed top or many peaks. The tent structure is simple, also the installation and disassembly. Because there is no fixed frame around, so it is mostly open structure. This special structure without frame has the advantage of better integration with nature, but the disadvantages are also very obvious. It cannot be a good shelter from wind and rain and avoid cold air and hot air.

Frame Tent

The frame tent is a tent made of a fixed frame structure and PVC fabric. The frame tent is like a small house with different shapes. You can customize the shape and size you like also the interior space according to your personal preference. You can choose a color or full transparent PVC fabric, it depends on your wedding design. In addition, frame tent has a better seal. You can install an air conditioner to adjust the room temperature.

As a whole, due to the existence of support rods in the pole tent, Reduced tent interior space. Also, the venue layout, more space outside will be taking up to stabilize the tent. However, frame tent is rather simple and beautiful. Large space available without a pole inside, you can design your wedding widely as your wishes.