Tents have been widely used in various events. Due to its convenient assembly disassembly and flexibility, it has become a better choice for outdoor temporary events. It is commonly used in car shows, weddings, parties, and other events, and has strong shaping properties.

Auto Car Show Events

Nowadays, more and more car show events prefer to use outdoor event tents for different sizes, event tents can provide a span range of 3-80M without any load-bearing columns, meeting the needs of hundreds of people. The auto car show scale of thousands of square meters can provide multiple functional areas at the same time, one set movable tent can satisfy the stage, display area, viewing area, VIP area, work area, etc., and the space can be freely planned according to needs.

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In order to pursue the visual effect of the scene, the roof of the Liri Structure Event Tent can choose blackout, transparent, or translucent roof cover to create a different sense of layering and increase the indoor lighting effect, allowing the exhibits to shine under the sun. It is more attractive; The gable surface can be spray-painted with advertising paintings to light up the theme and better create the atmosphere of the scene; while the surrounding walls can choose sidewalls or glass walls to create a different texture.

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Wedding Events

Wedding events usually end on the same day and are a very important moment in life. Therefore, the Liri Structure Event Tent has the three characteristics of temporary nature, flexibility, and quick erection and disassembly. They have become the first choice for wedding events. whether it is the seaside, lawn, suburbs, cement floor, or any ground environment, all construction and layout work will be completed within 12 hours, from the check-in desk, rest area, waiting area, performing arts area, and even the stage, in the tent Under interpretation, it can extend unique creativity and imaginative space.

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Party Events

The fashionable appearance of the event tent and the planning of the internal space can better serve party events. The design style of the roof cover can be customized according to actual needs. No matter how creative you are, the Liri Structure Event Tent can be used at different times, in different environments, and with different needs.

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Party events are all about fun and novelty. Liri Structure has dozens of event tents with different shapes. It can be said that Liri Structure can basically meet the needs of all the models on the market. Compared with ordinary small factories, Liri Structure has a larger selection space to meet more personalized party events.


With nearly 30 years of brand history, Liri Structure has an R&D and production base of over 150,000 square meters of prefabricated tent buildings. It has accumulated a lot of rich experience in technology, production, and construction to provide more comprehensive tents for outdoor events services.