The reasonable entrance of the tent has an impact on the whole event.

The general principle of creat entrance in an outdoor event tent is according to the surrounding facilities. When creating the entrance, we put two factors in the first place. They are safety and convenience. For example, the parking lot, the bathroom, the canteen should open an entrance. We have many types of event tents. So let’s choose a few typical tents to clarify.

How do you create entrances based on different tents?

  1. Pagoda tent, this kind of tent generally used at the entrance of large event tent, for reception or shade. Usually, two sets together, and all sides walls are open for entrance. We according to the customer’s different requirements, increase or decrease the entrance.
  2. The gazebo tent, like the pagoda tent, is also used in two or more sets together according to the customer’s needs.
  3. Party tents, for example, 50 people party, counting the floor space of the table and chairs, tent size should be cover 60 square meters. generally, we have three entrances, they are in the two gables of the tent and the front side. If there are toilet and canteen inside, then we need to open an entrance near them.
  4. Warehouse tents, according to customer’s requirements to create an entrance, generally, we recommend the rolling gate.