During 18th-20th, an elegant exquisite transparent marquee tent attached the world’s attention. The logo of Uniqlo on the gable triangle cover is very eye-catching. And the logo of Uniqlo on the background wall and the display cabinet complemented with the transparent marquee tent shows a good taste of Uniqlo.
Marquee tent of Uniqlo
Cooperated with Liri Structure, Uniqlo rolled out her 2014 UT Culture Exhibition under heavy attack, interpreted relaxed plaseant, pursuing true self UT spirit!  After provided event tents for those international top high-end brands, such as Dior, Chanel, Hermes, Armani,  BMW, Mercedes, Audi, LIRI STRUCTURES provided event tent for top brand again as a well know tent brand globaly, explain to the world the strength of brand.
Currently, as a writer, I must mention that LIRI STRUCTURES has been the endorsement of top quality tents. Aluminum frame transparent marquee tents are favored by high-end brand activities. It is very popular to use transparent marquee tents to promote new products and branding by many famous international brands and brand planning enterprises.
The wave of Uniqlo s fever blowing, as the gold father of fashion, Uniqlo is a perfect brand for T-shirt in the new age. Under the protection of modern tent, blending in the classic pop culture of the world, adopting the latest and coolest UT trends, Uniqlo enable her fans blowing its assembly together in LIRI STRUCTURES.