The camp is the contestants home, tent living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, toilets, vehicle maintenance, information centers, communication, infirmary, various of facilities. The dining area is as large as two basketball courts, which can host 1,300 people dining. Long-distance cross-country Rally is like large combat, soldiers should eat well, then they will fight a good fight. There are as many as 200 people four catering trucks working for catering services, they take good care of breakfast, lunch, and supper for the people in the camp.




To set up such a camp, we need quick installation, quick dismantling, and quick transfer, the Rally is moving, and so is the camp. It’s not so difficult to imagine how large is this and how tight is the schedule. 110 people for installation,35 people for security,20 people for running the company,20 people for the communication team ……, facilitiesthat’s how the camp was built.

The high-quality tents from Zhuhai Liri Structure is an important facility of the camp,  they provide comfortable shelters for each function block. Among the 110 people who do tent installation,35 of them are from Zhuhai Liri Structure, they are divided into two groups and take turns to work in different camps.

There are about 2,500 square meters of tents for each station, when the rally team is using the tents in this station, our installation team is already working on the next time for the tents. The powerful tent installation team played a crucial role for the competition camp, as the official tent supplier and sponsor of the 2013 Chinese Grand Rally Rally, Liri Structure is the escort of this great event.