Whether it is to cover the courts for basketball, football, or badminton, a traditional sports arena takes a long time to build and a high cost of expenditure. How to build an indoor badminton court has become a problem. Nowadays, most of the new gymnasiums are built using modular structures, which are not only fast in the construction cycle, but also low in cost, and can quickly come into use in a short time, making them a popular choice for sporting purposes.

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To meet the requirements for badminton courts, in addition to the functions of being water-proof, wind-resistant, and sunblock, an indoor badminton court should also have at least a clear height of 9 meters on the top. The badminton court built with sports arena tents can satisfy the needs of the description above, and can also be customized. The eave height of the tent can be 6 meters to 10 meters, the ridge height can be 9 meters to 14 meters. No construction waste or harmful dust will be produced during the construction process. The prefabricated structural design makes it possible to assemble on site without cutting and welding. The construction is very simple and there is no construction pollution to the surrounding environment.

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In addition, our modular structures have different structural options such as clear span tents, electric retractable roof tents, thermal insulation roof tents, and so on. They are ideal for use as a badminton court. You can also install wooden flooring, rubber flooring and lighting, air conditioning, etc. to make it a more professional indoor court for badminton games.