Opened to both home and abroad, and focusing on promoting cross-border integration and innovation between traditional manufacturing industry and the Internet, popularizing application of advanced manufacturing mode like Made in China 2025,Germany Industry 4.0, and American Industry Internet. International Internet Plus Exposition Guangdong China will provide a demonstration and promotion platform of innovative solutions to the nationwide internet companies , as well as a communication and cooperation platform of connecting to Internet and realizing transformational development to traditional industries. At the same time, it encourages and supports the traditional industries to use Internet technology, platforms and applications actively, to innovate products and services, to streamline business processes and management, to improve production efficiency, and to push forward the formation of new momentum–interactive development of the network economy and real economy. It will also help to accelerate the development of Internet-based fusional new products, new models, new formats, to build a  “Internet +” new ecology,  and create a new driving force for economic growth.

The International “Internet +” Exposition this year uses exhibition tents provided by Liri Structure. And the exhibition tents from Liri will help to create one unique fair show for the Internet + Exposition.