On the evening of April 13, Liri Structure received the construction task from Shanghai Fangcang hospital.

Responded immediately. 450 tons of materials were delivered in turn. On the afternoon of the 14th, all 18 large trucks had left the Liri architecture factory and crossed the 1600 km road. At 9 a.m. on the 15th, the first truck of materials arrived at the construction site of Shanghai temporary Fangcang hospital.

large trucks

In response to the Omicron epidemic in a megacity with a population of 25 million, Liri structure reflects the social responsibility of large enterprises and sends professional construction teams to fight against the epidemic day and night.

Liri construction team

It is reported that due to the limited driving, all materials on the site can only be lifted manually, especially on the muddy road that has been raining. All personnel can only be mobilized to actively cooperate on the site and move the materials to the construction site one by one by walking hundreds of meters.

emergency response tents

Due to the urgent construction period on the site, the work efficiency is greatly reduced due to the limited site, the need for cross operation, the need for cement re pouring and solidification on the ground, and the on-site staff are under great work pressure. The Liri construction team can only work in shifts 24 hours a day and night.