For outdoor commercial events, the use of an aluminum alloy prefabricated tent structure can not only provide outdoor sun and rain protection but also flexibly decorate and make the event more exciting, giving guests a better experience. Generally speaking, simple small tents cannot meet the desired presentation effect for outdoor commercial events. In order to pursue more suitable and distinctive commercial event tents, Liri Architecture Technology has developed various types of commercial event tents, such as A-shape tents, modular cube tents, arcum tents, geodesic dome tents, and combination tents types, with more flexible selection space for different event themes and styles to be presented.

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Usually, outdoor commercial events have very high requirements for spatial areas. Liri event tent can meet a span of 3-80m, and the length is continuously extended by 5m bay distance. It can be planned more appropriately according to the existing conditions of the site, easily creating thousands of square meters of indoor space, which can meet the needs of large-scale commercial events. More importantly, its modular design allows for the free assembly of flooring, lighting, and electrical appliances. Different areas can also be created indoors through wall partitions, creating a fully functional temporary activity space.

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In addition to the conventional tent design, Liri’s geodesic dome tent is also very popular. The dome design is very delicate and can be covered with a special projection screen inside the tent. Through holographic projection technology, the screen is formed to create a more high-tech and futuristic atmosphere, and the external lighting projection technology can also be used to make the entire geodesic dome tent emit soft and dim light at night, making it very suitable for the commercial occasions such as show and press conference.

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Different types of tent designs can bring different visual experiences. In fact, no matter which type of tent, it can bring unexpected effects. Liri Structure commercial event tent has better product quality and a richer construction experience. Whether it’s exhibitions, commercial events, or wedding parties, it can provide a one-stop solution for outdoor tents.