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Menacing Typhoon Strong Liri Tent

Liri Structure accepted the force 12 winds and gained the very good feedback from our clients. No. 4 ” Nida” Typhoon ( Strong winds ) landed in the coastal area of Shenzhen Dapeng Peninsula at 3:35 in August 2nd . And the wind near center is max. 14 ( 42 m / sec ) when landing. […]

Menacing Typhoon Strong Liri Tent

With the continuous changes of sales exhibition space, do you want a unique movable structure to display your products? The Exhibition Tent from Liri Structure is definitely your best choice. Its innovative and upgraded design concept will make you outstanding.In addition, the movable structure exhibition tent is easy to set up and flexible, thus you […]

LIRI Tent And Nationwide Physical Fitness

People are getting more and more busy for work that time for exercise is getting fewer and fewer, but fitness is starting to be aware of significance. Lots of people are trying to find time to participate in nationwide physical fitness. Beijing Marathon, Guangzhou Marathon, Lanzhou Marathon, Zhuhai Marathon etc got attentions and participation from plenty of fitness-loving people. […]

2016 JD Running Held Successfully Under Liri Tent

There is an saying that in China, you should not miss the spring in Kuming, autumn in Beijing, rainy days in Guilin. Also, the night in Shanghai. 2016 JD RUNNING Shanghai Stop, the only stop held at night – let’s enjoy a rock & roll running party under “love and embrace”. Just say: “Hey Shanghai! […]

Oktoberfest Tent of LIRI for Beer Carnival

The three biggest prestigious Oktoberfest in the world is Munich Oktoberfest、London beer festival and American beer festival in Denver, they are well-known abroad which are the place every beer drinkers should go to at least once, Europe’s beer experts said. China’s Beer Festival The earliest Beer Festival began from the Qingdao Beer Festival in 1991, […]

Oktoberfest Tent of LIRI for Beer Carnival

Undoubtedly The Voice of China is thehottest talent show in China, which give ordinary people a chance to sing in a popular stage. In this time, The Voice of China came to Zhuhai and Macao, and Zhuhai-Macau Cubic Auditions ended successfully in Huafa Future Hui in July 2nd, 2016. Top 3 excellent singers were selected from this audition. On this musical […]

Mobile Tent Hall For Art Museum

With the improvement of modern living,more and more people begin to seek spiritual satisfaction, and more and more people begin to pay attention to have artistic living, therefore various of art exhibitions held in full swing throughout the country. The mobile tent hall is the best venues for art exhibitions,it is not only meet the […]

The Experience Of Watching European Cup In A Marquee

European Cup of every fourth year is on fire in France. Football is the most popular sport in the world. With high football level, the ornamental value is absolutely good, even more than World Cup. All football fans from all countries pay full attention on it. You cannot imagine its popularity, but try to imagine […]

Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi held a big wedding party

Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi held a big wedding party. It’s very romantic. The wedding was held on March 20th,2016. On March 19th,2016,they started to arrange wedding party with white color. Six aircrafts flied from Ecuador and the Netherlands and droped lots of roses to the ocean. Its very fantastic. This was a fairy tale […]

Liri Double Decker Tent Wins The Beauty of Made in China Innovation Award

2015 The Beauty of Made in China (Guangzhou) Annual Awards was held in Guangzhou Westin Pazhou Hotel. Liri Arcum Double Decker Tent along with other products selected from 2600 competing quality products had accepted their awards which represent forefront quality trophy and certificates. Based on arcum tent structure, Liri Arcum Double Decker Tent is a […]