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After last Wednesday’s release of a data from China Customs shared by the editor in Liri, again Liri Structure shows its professionalism and ability in the tent industry. The data strongly proves that Liri Structure keeps being the No.1 tent exporter in China for 20 years. At the same time, The Beauty of Made In […]

A new report about the rank of China’s tent product export enterprises in 2014 is coming out. Liri Structure won eighth place in the rank of China’s tent product export. Liri Structure is unique company of tent product exports which ranks first in tent industry. Foreign trade report of China’s commodity 2014 was compiled by […]

Liri Structure, Exclusive Tent Supplier and Sponsor of WTA Elite Trophy in Zhuhai, Cited Media Attention.Over twenty world’s famous tennis players were gathered together to Hengqin of Zhuhai City in the first WTA Elite Trophy — Zhuhai, and to show us league matches!In this WTA Elite Trophy of Zhuhai, as a model enterprise of Zhuhai, […]

Liri Structure the appointed tent supplier of Beijing Equestrian Masters 2015 cited attention. Longines Beijing Equestrian Masters 2015, as the top equestrian event with athletics of domestic and overseas horsemen, drew attention of many media.simultaneously, as the appointed tent supplier of Longines Equestrian Masters 2015, Liri Structure was reported by several media! With superior and […]

Quality comes from professional tent production

Liri Structure always puts quality first. We firmly believe that only good products can win more customers trust, this is the reason that we have been pursuing but never been surpassed. And high quality tent is derived from the professional production process, leading production technology and management system. CNC machine. This is a machine equipped […]

Meeting You at the 117th Canton Fair

Every year, people are killed or injured by the unsafe use of tents in severe weather conditions. With knowledge and safe practices, nearly all such incidents can be avoided. Read the Installation Manual carefully. It is advised that study this document and asks questions so you understand what wind speed your tent can withstand and […]

X-Ray A Tent to Check All the Tent Frame Parts

The tent frame is the main part of a tent,which plays a key role in constructing a tent. If the tent fabric is human’s skin, the frame is human’s bone. The hardness of aluminum alloy determines its life time. Liri Structure adopts high-quality hard pressed Aluminum alloy 6061/T6, hardness reaches 15HW. The hardness of aluminum […]

How do you know about PVC fabrics of tent

How can you judge the quality of tent fabrics as there are different quality of tent fabrics in the tent market? Tent fabrics main function including the following points: tensile strength, tear strength wear degree anti UV performance waterproof and breathable heat resistant, cold resistant and flame retardant properties self-cleaning performance closed and shading Tarpaulin […]

Temporary Structures for Events

Whether for a wedding or for a corporate event, temporary shelters are highly useful and something that anyone should look into. There are many things that make portable shelters particularly useful and practical, and in many ways, they offer benefits that you can’t get from a brick and mortar property. Here we will look at […]

3 Methods for Renting a Tent

When it’s time to rent a tent rental company, it may help to find out several specifics of your event before jumping in to the rental process without delay. Going over much of your needs and concerns together with the company helps to ensure the main one you desire could be the one you’ll expect […]