“Golden September and Silver October” is the traditional wedding season. Nowadays, the “80’s” “90s” prefer to hold a natural and fresh outdoor wedding on the green grass. The trend of wedding patterns are personality and customization. Common forms of customized wedding include  grass wedding, garden wedding, snow wedding and beach wedding.

This time, the wedding site is chose to build a 20x45m wedding tent on a farm grass. There are 3m high gap on the grass from south to north, which has bought a lot of inconvenience for our construction team. In order to solve the problem of gap, we use the ringlock scaffolding flooring to make a foundation that form a flat, paved the wooden floor on the platform so that the tent can be installed easily.

To build a beautiful wedding tent on the countryside, inviting the friends and family with the blessing, everybody gathered together, accompanied by Liri Structures, witnessed the best time of new couple.

The white roof cover added holy and happiness for the wedding, surrounded by the unique glass wall shape, it is pleasing and provide a good interior lighting for the wedding tent at the same time. High-quality aluminum frame wedding tent looks smooth bright clean after careful treatment, which highlight the gracious and beauty of the wedding.

LIRI wedding tents will show you high-quality wedding experience, allowing you to enjoy a dazzling sweet wedding.