After being busy in one after one program, we have to say goodbye to 2019. Looking back to what we gained this year, it is hard to make a conclusion in a word. Let us see the pictures which are taken in 2019 and it is these pictures that show the best moment in 2019.

Beachfront Wedding Tent

With the breeze, the wave sound in Sanya, Liri Structure had provided fancy tents for the couple to celebrate their wedding. When the nightfall came, the flower sea under the tent with the light, which creates a romantic atmosphere for the wedding, Liri Structure was the witness of this romantic time.

Liri Gym

In March, Liri Gym, covering an area of 200sqm, had come into service. All the professional equipment is available for all the employees to work out when they are in their spare time. A professional yoga teacher is entitled to come to our company every week to teach employees how to do yoga. All of the employees can learn yoga for free. Liri Structure always takes care of each employee and provides the humanistic working environment for employees.

Game of World Formula 1 Championship – Bahrain Grand Prix

At China standard time, 2019 April 1st, 2019 World Formula 1 Championship – Bahrain Grand Prix had finished on Sakhir race. As the top level of racing in the world, this was the 999th competition for Formula 1. Liri Structure had researched and developed diameter 60m Geodesic Dome Tent for this racing. The tent was for catering and also as the lounge for attendance. This astonished the tent manufacture industry this year and also an important milestone for Liri Structure’s independent research and development.

Purple Magical Capsule Basketball Tent Hall

We have built a Purple Magical Capsule covered basketball court for Shanghai Teenager MAGIC3 three on three basketball games. The tent hall looks like a magic capsule from Shanghai Yuanshen stadium to Hongkou football field, witnessing the basketball dream of all teenagers in Shanghai.

Glamping Tent

Even though as the new subsidiary brand of Liri Structure, MOXUANJU had researched and developed 10 kinds of glamping tent less than a year and launched to the market successfully and built many glamping tents in many campsites, including California in the USA, Hotan in Xinjiang, Ningxia in Gansu, Guang’ an in Sichuan, Zibo in Shandong, Sanya in Hainan, etc. One of them, three Shell Shaped glamping tents had put into operation in Xianluodao in the Qinhuangdao.

50m Polygon Tent for Qingdao International Beer Festival

As the exclusive tent supplier for Qingdao International Beer Festival, Liri Structure has regularly provided tents for this event each year. This year, we have built beer festival marquee tents to accommodate more people. 50m span width polygon tent from Liri Structure has been used for this beer festival for the first time. This ensures the great success of the beer festival.

Ferrari Challenge

At the same time, there is another racing in Twin Ring Motegi Japan. Excluding the engine sound from the car, the friction sound from the tire and the ground, the most abstractive one is the 15m by 50m outdoor event tent, which is a VIP lounge tent from Liri Structure.

The Debut of 60m Polygon Tent

This year, we were honor again to be the official partner of JUMP 10, to build the temporary facility for World Basket Ball Game in Shanghai Expo Park Celebration Square. The site is in the public area of the urban district, even though with the tough conditions for under construction, Liri Structure has completed successfully all the construction for 60m clear span tent and scaffolding bleachers within one week. This is the first time that Liri’s 60m span width tent put into the market.

Changsha Indoor Clay Tennis Court

After building the football stadium and boxing stadium in Changsha Moon Island, Liri Structure had built an indoor clay tennis court with a dome tent top in bright color this year. This is the first large tennis stadium tent in China. At the same time, the basketball park built from Liri Structure will be put into operation in 2020.

The 70th Anniversary Parade of the People of China-Mobile Toilet

During the celebration of the 70th-anniversary parade of the People of China throughout the nation, Liri Structure is honored to be responsible for the logistics and cooperation with the Beijing Jinghuan group to build 329 mobile toilets in 82 sites in Chang’an Street. Even though time is urgent, Liri Structure has successfully built and dismantles all the mobile toilets to make sure the success of parade and celebration. To take apart in this historic event, it is all the honor of Liri Structure’s employees to make a contribution to this celebration for our motherland.

The 7th CISM Military World Games

In the same month, Liri Structure had also provided tents as the lounge, catering hall, office, clinic room, grandstand and so on for the 7th CISM Military World Games in Wuhan. There are 117 tents, covering an area of more than 7000 square meters. CISM Military World Games is the largest sports game for the military in the world. It is also the largest international sports game in China compared with the Beijing Olympic Games.

WTA Finals Shenzhen

In November, we have provided more than 30 series of tents and accessories to WTA Finals, covering more than 5000 square meters. Double Decker Tent as the media center of the game, with the ceiling and air conditioners, gave safer, more convenient and more modern experience to all attendances.

The Sports Games of Liri

After finishing all the busy work during the past year, the Sports Game of Liri has held once in two years at the end of 2019. All of us will look forward to more challenges of 2020 after this interesting and exciting sports game.

Thanks for the support of all the clients. Thanks for the hardworking of all employees in Liri. Let us move on with passion in 2020.