Insufficient warehouse space will cause a large number of goods to pile up. Especially in the peak season, the shortage of warehouse storage space is everywhere. In this case, the greater the risk of damage and loss of goods, and the problem of commodity storage has become one of the headache problems.

aluminum warehouse tent

It can quickly solve storage problems and ensure safe and efficient solutions at the same time. The temporary storage tent that does not need to be reported for construction can be built in any ground environment. It can be built well on sand, mud, and cement ground, one of its biggest characteristics.

warehouse tent built on the concrete

Our warehouse tent products can be sized appropriately according to the site conditions, are not limited by the site, can make rational use of the site area, and do not wasteland resources.

Warehouse tents adopt high-quality aluminum alloy structure, which is safe and stable, and easy to install. You use it like building blocks. It can be used in large-scale industrial workshops, temporary storage buildings, etc.

High Performance Tent Fabric

A significant reason why warehouse tents are so popular is that it has the characteristics of rapid construction. A 1000 square meter warehouse tent can be built and completed in one day, which can be used as a temporary emergency plan. We adopt the design without a central column, which can make more reasonable planning and use of the internal space, not only do not waste space but also achieve 100% space utilization.

Compared with the temporary warehouse built at will, our products are fully equipped and can provide perfect supporting facilities, such as steel sheet walls, sandwich walls, single door, rolling door, air conditioner, exhaust fan, push-and-pull glass window, and other accessories.

Warehouse tent accessories

Warehouse tents can be used as a semi-permanent building with a service life of more than 10 years and has the advantages of random relocation and expansion. It can be recycled. It is very suitable for both large-scale industrial storage and enterprise production and storage turnover. Liri provides purchase and leasing services and looks forward to working with you.