Many enterprises are facing industrial and storage space needs, in order to solve the space needs of industry, storage tents or industrial tents from Liri Structure are able to provide with you ideal solutions.

Free and Flexible Space

The industrial tent is a modular temporary building. It generally uses the A-frame roof design, which can achieve a clear span from 3m to 80m, and unlimited length. The feature of no pillars inside the tent enables free layout of the site. The length direction can also be changed at any time, it’s very flexible.


Quick installation

Because of the modular design, it can be set up quickly, without welding and cutting. Thousands of square meters of construction can be completed in one day. In different ground environments, the requirement for industrial tents is not too high. We use a ringlock scaffolding system to solve environmental problems on the ground, such as concrete, grass, mud, even uneven ground. It is very adaptable, which is one of the reasons why industrial tents are popular.

Extensive use

As a green and eco-friendly structure, the industrial tent is well lit. The PVC fabric of the roof and walls all around can be opaque, block-out, and transparent. It can reduce the cost of electricity consumption. Transparent doors and windows can also be used on both sides of the tent to increase daylighting and make the indoor environment brighter. There are many uses of industrial tents, for which Liri Architecture Technology has developed a variety of door systems to match different needs, such as flexible folding doors, flexible shutter doors, sliding hangar door/auto sliding hangar doors, etc., can be better used in a variety of different purposes.

Benefits of Industrial Tents (1)

In different environments and temperatures, the industrial tent has an excellent performance in heat insulation and UV insulation, even without air conditioning equipment can play a good cooling effect and protect the indoor environment. The industrial tent also has excellent thermal insulation performance, For example, the PVC fabric can use a double layer, and add an insulation sandwich inside, and the wall uses thicker rock wool board walls, which has a good insulation effect. In order to keep the indoor temperature constant, Liri Architecture Technology will deal with the tightness of the tent. If the enterprise has enough budget, it can increase the heating equipment such as heater and hot fans in the tent room to create a warmer indoor environment.